History: Over 30 Years of Activity

In Gussago, in the province of Brescia, Industrial Service has been producing machines for shoe soles for over 30 years.

Industrial Service was born from the experience of the owner Mr. Delorenzi Angelo, later joined by his sons Delorenzi Stefano and Delorenzi Michela who have been able to strengthen and give continuity to the dream of producing high performance presses.

Industrial Service has focused its attention on the production of technologically solid presses with a modern design, able to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

Our policy is the projection into the future: We are always ready to put ourselves at stake for a new machine, a new solution to the press that can give the end user an improvement to his product.

And it is from the quality of the machine that the most beautiful sole is born and we are proud to satisfy this need.

A relatively small, family-run business and this is precisely the type of relationship it relies on with its customers: a large family is then born, which knows how to listen to everyone's suggestions and needs in order to put the production of a customized press on track.

We owe our success and continued growth to our core company values. These values are reflected in everything we do and can give you a clear idea of what you can expect from us.

Angelo Delorenzi - Founder

Our Corporate Identity

"The right press at the right time" because Industrial Service is always abreast of the evolution of fashion and therefore always ready to offer the right press to produce the required sole.

Industrial Service was born as a family-run company and this is our philosophy. To create a family-like relationship with the customer, to make him participate in our ideas, because it is from the customer's request/need that the idea of realizing a customized machine that can best satisfy every need arises in us.